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Jul 23, 2021 - Does your advertising copy capture customers ?

A Dash of Salt

 Get in Touch with A Dash of Salt

A Dash of Salt helps you get in touch with customers via marketing media items, and with your employees via computer-based training materials.

Professional textual services include: proofing, editing, and writing brochures, advertising blurbs, product manuals, process instructions, catalogs, educational documents, and training materials. Text-based services can be provided in both print and interactive computer-based formats. Your existing paper-based materials can also be converted to interactive computer-based formats.

Graphics and rich-media services include: conversion of paper-based graphics into app and website-ready formats, audio creation, and video production.

Internet marketing services include: information architecture (i.e., website navigation) consultation, website production, and search engine optimization (SEO) consultation.

A Dash of Salt can also season your trade show or expo presence with an artistically engineered prop that communicates your message.

You can get A Dash of Salt for $85 per hour. Training and consultation can be provided on-site at your location for $125 per hour plus expenses. The artistically engineered prop service is billed per item rather than per hour. If you need to get in touch with real people then A Dash of Salt can make a remarkable difference.