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Jul 23, 2021 - Does your advertising copy capture customers ?

Marketing Copy and Technical Writing Service

 Copywriting - Script Writing

The significance of good writing can hardly be overstated. Indeed, it is among the most important factors in business communication. A terrific recipe for copywriting is A Dash of Salt and your business message.

Producing well written content involves a mixture of art and grammatical mechanics. When carefully integrated, the artistic and technical aspects of copywriting can be used together to produce a compelling presentation. When a business is poorly represented in its copywriting the associated business will suffer loss with regard to its potential income.

A Dash of Salt provides editing and writing services for both marketing and technical needs. Services include: advertising blurbs and scripts, marketing brochures, company policy literature, instructional materials, product manuals, website copy, and others.

If your business' copywriting is less than professional, add A Dash of Salt to your mix.