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A Simple Basic Website

A Dash of Salt offers the following comments to those who want a simple basic website.

The ".com" Thing

Your website or online store needs an address—the ".com" thing. The address labels or names where your website lives on the Internet. It is a bit like the address that you write on an envelope when you are going to mail a letter. In general, website addresses ending with ".com" are the most desirable, but that generality is based primarily upon people's familiarity with ".com" and not the function of a website. For example, ".net" and ".us" and many more "." endings are available for website addresses. One of many good places to get the ".com" thing (and other "." endings), in addition to the Host mentioned below, is .

A Host and a Little Time

Your website or online store needs a place to live—a host. Since web pages are computer files, displaying them on the Internet requires that a computer connected to the Internet "host" the files in order that they may be shown to others who wish to visit the website. In the context of websites, a host is a bit like the physical parcel of land on which your house (i.e., your website) resides. So, your website (the house) resides on a host (the land) located at your ".com" (or other) address.

A simple basic website can be established so that you can update it yourself with absolutely no programming knowledge. In fact, with today's no-programming-needed website builders (i.e., pre-made templates) and CMSs (content management systems), if you are able to use email then you can make and operate a website — you'll need some time to set it up like you want it.

We Are Here To Help

Of course, A Dash of Salt can make both simple and complex websites. If you want help establishing a simple website, or if you want something beyond what CMSs and website builder templates offer, then you are invited to contact us.