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Jul 23, 2021 - Does your advertising copy capture customers ?

Successful Marketing Results

 Successful Marketing Results

Have you discovered that successful marketing results require more than a pretty website? A Dash of Salt has provided businesses with desirable results.

Successful marketing results occur when the associated business goals are clearly established and an expertly matched strategy is implemented. Within all competitive business segments it is highly unlikely that; for example, a suitable website-visitor-to-inquirer conversion factor could be obtained without skillful intent. If your business wants favorable marketing results then your business could really use A Dash of Salt.

A Dash of Salt gets
top-10 search engine positions for client products - wholesale and retail - which previously exhibited no significant presence on the Internet.
A Dash of Salt made
the "We wouldn't have got him without our website." testimony a reality for client recruiting activities when the client's corporate image was investigated via the Internet.
A Dash of Salt gains
#1 positions in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for client services sought via the Internet using general terms which do not include the business name.
A Dash of Salt makes
the "Wow factor" - via a private label branding arrangement - a reality for people who need to outsource technical and presentation tasks.